Aquatic Traps

Underwater bait traps are a popular way to catching and, well, trapping various aquatic life, especially crustaceans, like lobster and crabs, and various bottom-feeding fishes as aquatic traps lay on the floor. Catching your own lobsters, crabs, shrimps, or crayfishes/crawfishes can be satisfying as high prices at the grocer and restaurant are avoided.

Bait traps come in various shapes and size but all share the same basic design: a tunnel that allows the crustaceans or fishes to enter, but not easily back out, and a chamber where the bait is and where the crustaceans or fishes stay as well. The traps can be constructed from anything from wood, plastic, glass, and metal depending on what the trap was built for.
As for the bait, the most common bait used is chopped up fishes like red fish, cod, and herring. Salmon used as bait is outlawed in some states as salmon promote certain viruses. Artificial bait or scent is sometimes used for bait traps as well but some question about safety, both health and environmental. Also, make sure you follow your states laws for bait traps, especially lobster and crab.
Among the various bait traps available for sale, lobster bait traps and crab bait traps are the most popular water traps for obvious reasons. Perhaps not the most effective, but compared to other methods, lobster bait traps and crab bait traps are considered effective enough.
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